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Kitty's Journal
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Tuesday, January 21st, 2003
9:19 pm
So, what is art?

I have been considering this, on and off, for a long time, and while I don't believe that I can properly define it, here are my thoughts on this.

Art can be said to be a broad grouping of various things, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, drawing, and so on. But then, does a technical draing for an engineer's magazine count as art?

I feel that to be art there needs to be an expression of emotion or feeling; something to inspire the viewer. Therefore it can be argued that art can be different things to different people. Some modern art, for example Tracey Emin's bed, does absolutely little to interest me. I don't feel any particular attraction or repulsion. It inspires few feelings in me. To me, at least, it is not art. However, there are people who will be amazed at it, who are interested, attracted, repulsed - whatever. To them, she has created a work of art. Can there be natural art that is not man-made? I don't think so. Art is what is created to express whatever it is the artist wants.

Someone can be good at painting without having any particular artistic talent. They can be fantastic at technical drawing but not be able to create. I think that is the key - creativity. To me, to be able to create something thought or feeling provoking is to be artistic, and the product of this, if it is thought or feeling provoking, is art.
Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
12:48 pm
This is an old journal with a new owner. Don't ask..

I was just thinking that the fire in Edinburgh means some parts will have to be rebuilt. I'm hoping they get a decent architect in. They seem to have two main options; they try to rebuild it in keeping with the surrounding area as in "camoflaguing it", making it like all the buildings, or they can build something that's more like the new museum which is different but still looks rright. Personsally, I think the better option is the second. I'd like to see something new.

It does mean the parliament is going to be slightly delayed (or so I heard). It seems strange that in a country where firefighters are striking they decide to throw millions at a building that could have cost a lot less and has only a few purposes. I suppose that it's supposed to be a flagship of sorts; something for foreign visitors to marvel at.

There's an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci drawings on in Edinburgh now. I need to go and see it; he was amazing and besides, I like seeing how artists draw people. I like the curves and textures of skin and flesh.
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